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Private Workspaces for Elevated Productivity

Welcome to OrangeSpace Lahore’s Rooms/Cabin service, where tranquility meets productivity. Our private cabins are meticulously designed for small teams or individuals seeking an exclusive workspace. Immerse yourself in an environment that fosters concentration and creativity. From ergonomic furniture to high-speed Wi-Fi, each detail is crafted to elevate your work experience. Join OrangeSpace and make your workspace truly yours.

Start from Rs 15000/seat
Fully enclosed private cabins on monthly basis

Room / Cabins Key Features:

  • Exclusive Privacy: Fully enclosed private cabins ensure your undisturbed focus.
  • Ergonomic Design: Experience comfort with thoughtfully designed furniture.
  • Secure Connectivity: High-speed Wi-Fi and secure connectivity for seamless work.
  • Access to Amenities: Enjoy the perks of communal areas and shared amenities.
  • Professional Collaboration: Embrace a professional yet collaborative atmosphere.


Elevate your work experience by choosing our Rooms/Cabin service, where every detail is crafted to enhance your workflow and spark creativity.

Features & Amenities

No more boredom at work.

Our co-working space is designed to provide you with a comfortable, inspiring, and collaborative environment that promotes productivity and creativity.


Complimentary drinks to keep you fueled.

Fast Wi-Fi

Reliable internet for uninterrupted work.

24 hour open

Flexibility to work when you need to.

Entertainment Area

Take a break, refresh your mind, and connect with others

Office Boy

Assistance for all your needs.

Podcast Hub

Where your voice takes center stage

Weekly Events

Engaging events to boost your creativity.

Power Backup

Uninterrupted work during power outages.

Discount up to 10% for new member.

Join Orange Space Today and Get Up to 10% Off Your Co-Working Membership: Your Gateway to Affordable and Productive Workspace.

Pricing plan

Simple pricing. Tons of benefit.

Daily Pass
Daily Service
  1. Flexible access for a single day
  2. Open seating in communal areas
  3. High-speed Wi-Fi and tech support
  4. Opportunity to connect with the OrangeSpace community
  5. Tea / Coffee
Shared Table
Monthly Service
  1. Flexible seating arrangements
  2. High-quality furniture with ergonomic design
  3. Access to common areas and lounge spaces
  4. Networking events and community-building activities
  5. High-speed Wi-Fi and tech support
Dedicated Desk
Monthly Service
  1. Exclusive desk assigned to you
  2. Comfortable and adjustable seating
  3. High-speed internet and tech support
  4. Networking opportunities with coworkers
  5. Access to meeting rooms and communal areas
Monthly Service
  1. Fully enclosed private cabins
  2. Ergonomic furniture for your comfort
  3. High-speed Wi-Fi and secure connectivity
  4. Access to communal areas and amenities
  5. Professional and collaborative ambiance

Questions regarding any of our plans?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries about our plans. We’re here to help.

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